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Welcome to the Ultimate Multihull Experience!!

Purchasing a sailboat can be frustrating, but it doesn't have to be. Don't settle for someone else's specifications, sail your dream!  Our boats are made exclusively with you in mind. Your Elan will be more than just the next boat you purchase, it should also be the last yacht you buy.

Fabulous accommodations.....

The Elan 35' is so easy to control, you can do it single-handed, but why would you want to?  With a spacious cabin offering 6' 4" of headroom and complete, comfortable accommodations for six people, you'll want to invite your friends to share the day, or the weekend.

Exhilarating speed and convenience:

Enjoy the breathtaking speeds of over 20 knots achieved with the simple rigging. They'll marvel at your control and finesse. And the sense of ease doesn't stop when you get back to shore, the Elan folds into a single slip - or onto a trailer, to take you wherever you need to go.

Stability and control that's safe and fun:

A continuation of the proven Elan Series.  For almost 15 years we've been unsurpassed in speed and quality.  Serious sailors prefer the Elan 35' because it provides maximum performance without compromising safety.  With an Elan 35', you experience world-class sailing, easily and almost effortlessly.  All you need is to make the decision on YOUR terms, not some mass manufacturer's,and the will to have fun.

Discriminating taste, uncompromising quality and value:

The Elan Series holds its value like no other.  These boats are rarely sold on the used market for one simple reason; their owners don't like to sell them.  But you can be assured that if you do sell your Elan, its next owner will value its unique features and tantalizing capabilities as much as you do.  During a recent eight year period, no Elan Series owner sold his or her boat for less than its original sale price!

Beauty that's more than skin deep:

Laminates built stronger with vinylester resins to prevent blisters and provide many other benefits...Stainless steel folding parts hand or electro polished to a smooth elegant beauty ready for real world use...Harken running gear oversized for durability...Stylish textiles on the interior that evoke the finest salons but are exterior grade quality...Tough as well as beautiful.  And because Elan trimarans are so unique and well built, they're easily insured for charter use.

We don't have customers - we have Elan enthusiasts:

There are no barriers between you and the creation of your Elan.  When you order an Elan 35' we ask you what you need - and more importantly, what you dream about.   The Then we provide you with the perfect combination of utility and luxury , and a price more economical than you think.

Wake up and find out how to make your dream a reality:

Pick up the phone. Tell us what you want. Get your dream. Financing is available.

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